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Monday, July 13, 2009

Porsche Design launches fitted luggage collection for new Porsche Panamera

Say what you will about the styling of the Porsche Panamera, the company's merchandising division cranks out some seriously lust-worthy designs. Some of them have nothing to do with their automotive namesake, but here's an instance of Porsche Design working in concert with the automobile division to give drivers something a little more handy than a baseball cap or polo shirt. Okay, so the Panamera Collection includes plenty of those too, along with watches, coats and kids clothing, but it also includes a set of intriguing fitted luggage for the four-door sports car from Zuffenhausen.

Instead of the usual (and usually exquisitely crafted) soft leather bags, Porsche has gone with a set of aluminum and polycarbonate hard-shell suitcases of various sizes and shapes. They're even available in the same colors as the Panamera, making this set of fitted luggage especially fitting. Check 'em out in the gallery .

Source : www.autoblog.com

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